About Shoalhaven Zoo

The mission of Shoalhaven Zoo, which has been in operation for almost 40 years, is the protection and care of animals. Their goal is to offer the best possible care for the animals in their custody while also raising awareness about the significance of conservation. Animals from all around the world call the zoo their home, and visitors will be able to see anything from big cats to primates to native Australian species.

Plan Your Visit

If you're planning to visit Shoalhaven Zoo, here's what you need to know:

  • The zoo is located at 23 Rock Hill Road, Nowra, NSW 2541.
  • They’re open every day from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, except on Christmas Day.
  • General admission tickets start at $32 for adults and $19 for children (at the time of writing), with discounted rates available for seniors and families.
  • They also offer annual membership options for frequent visitors.
  • The zoo is fully accessible for visitors with disabilities, including wheelchair access and disabled parking.

Exhibits and Animals

Shoalhaven Zoo is home to many unique species and interesting displays. The animals at Shoalhaven Zoo are as diverse as the African Safari, the Australian locals and Primate Island. There are large cats such as lions, tigers, and cheetahs, as well as sociable meerkats, naughty monkeys, and beautiful giraffes, which are all huge draws. Koalas, kangaroos, wombats, and dingoes are just some of the natural Australian animals they have.

African Safari

Explore the African Savannah at the Shoalhaven Zoo. Meet some of Africa's most recognisable creatures, such zebras, rhinoceroses, and giraffes, up close and personal. Learn all about these animals, their habitats, and the conservation efforts being made by taking a tour of the exhibit. You’ll feel like you’ve been dropped into the middle of the African plains!

Australian Native Animals

Visit the Australian Native Animals display and discover the numerous and fascinating Australian native species. Learn more about the lives of koalas, wallabies, and kangaroos, some of Australia's most cherished animals. Join a trip to see these fascinating animals in their natural habitat.

Primate Island

Get ready to swing into action on Primate Island! Shoalhaven Zoo’s primate exhibit is home to a range of primates, including orangutans, lemurs, and chimpanzees. Watch these intelligent and playful animals as they interact with each other and their environment. It's an experience you won't forget!

Reptile World

Discover some of the world's most exotic reptiles and amphibians at the Shoalhaven Zoo's Reptile World. You will have the opportunity to interact closely with reptiles and amphibians of all kinds, from snakes and lizards to turtles and crocodiles. You’ll be truly amazed.

As you stroll through the exhibit, the helpful staff will provide commentary and answer any questions you may have. Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to observe truly unique amphibians and reptiles!

Zoo Experiences

Make your visit to Shoalhaven Zoo even more unforgettable with their zoo experiences. Choose from animal encounters, behind-the-scenes tours, and feeding opportunities to get a closer look at their incredible animals. These experiences are perfect for animal lovers of all ages and are sure to create lasting memories. Book in advance to ensure availability and secure your spot.

Education and Conservation

At Shoalhaven Zoo, they believe in the importance of education and conservation. Their programs aim to educate visitors about the incredible animals at our zoo and inspire them to take action to protect them in the wild. From school programs to community outreach, Shoalhaven Zoo is dedicated to making a difference. Visitors can get involved by supporting our conservation efforts through donations or volunteering.

Nearby Accommodations

Looking for a place to stay near Shoalhaven Zoo? The George Bass Motor Inn is a convenient and comfortable option. Located just a short drive away, our inn offers spacious rooms and modern amenities to ensure a comfortable stay. Plus, guests can take advantage of the inn's on-site restaurant, The George, for delicious meals after a day at the zoo.

Directions and Parking

Getting to Shoalhaven Zoo is easy with our detailed directions. We are located in North Nowra, just a short drive from the Princes Highway. There is ample parking available on site, with options for disabled parking as well.

Contact Us

You can contact Shoalhaven Zoo by phone at (02) 4421 3949 or via email at info@shoalhavenzoo.com.au.

Shoalhaven Zoo FAQs

If you're planning to visit Shoalhaven Zoo, you might have some questions about our operation and policies. Here are some frequently asked questions to help you plan your trip:

What are the hours of operation for Shoalhaven Zoo?

Shoalhaven Zoo is open every day from 9:00am to 5:00pm, except on Christmas Day.

Can I bring my own food into the zoo?

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own food into the zoo. They also have a café on-site that offers a variety of food and drink options.

Are there any age restrictions for the animal encounters or behind-the-scenes tours?

Are there any age restrictions for the animal encounters or behind-the-scenes tours?

Is the zoo accessible for visitors with disabilities?

Yes, Shoalhaven Zoo is committed to making their facility accessible for all visitors. They have accessible parking spaces, wheelchair ramps, and mobility equipment available for rent. Please contact them if you have any specific accessibility needs.

How can I support Shoalhaven Zoo's conservation efforts?

You can donate or purchase a membership to help fund Shoalhaven Zoo’s conservation programs. You can also learn more about their conservation initiatives and get involved in their educational programs. Contact them for more information on how you can help.