Top Attractions in Nowra

Nowra is home to some of the region's top attractions, including:

  • Nowra Wildlife Park: Get up close and personal with a range of native Australian animals, including koalas, kangaroos, and more.
  • Shoalhaven Zoo: Experience the thrill of seeing exotic animals like lions, tigers, and monkeys up close.
  • Jervis Bay Marine Park: Explore the crystal-clear waters of Jervis Bay and discover a diverse array of marine life.
  • Seven Mile Beach is a stunning beach that offers visitors an idyllic setting with crystal-clear waters, soft white sand, and ample space for sunbathing, swimming, surfing, and more.

Shoalhaven Region Attractions

Beyond Nowra, the Shoalhaven region is filled with exciting attractions, such as:

  • Kangaroo Valley: Known for its stunning scenery and outdoor activities like kayaking, hiking, and horseback riding.
  • Hyams Beach: Home to some of Australia's whitest sands and crystal-clear waters.
  • Berry: A charming town filled with boutique shops, art galleries, and delicious local produce.

Outdoor Activities

If you love the great outdoors, the Shoalhaven region won't disappoint. Popular outdoor activities include:

  • Hiking: From coastal trails to bushwalks, there are plenty of scenic hikes to explore in the region.
  • Surfing: With plenty of beaches and surf schools, the Shoalhaven region is a great place to catch a wave.
  • Fishing: Whether you're looking to fish in freshwater or saltwater, there are plenty of options for anglers in the region.

Family-Friendly Attractions

Travelling with kids? The Shoalhaven region has plenty of family-friendly attractions, such as:

  • Mini-golf: Have some fun on the greens with a round of mini-golf.
  • Bowling: Enjoy a game of ten-pin bowling with the whole family.
  • Cinema: Catch the latest blockbuster or family-friendly film at the local cinema.

Cultural Attractions

The Shoalhaven region is also rich in history and culture, with plenty of museums, galleries, and historic sites to explore, such as:

  • Fleet Air Arm Museum: Discover the history of aviation in the Royal Australian Navy.
  • Cultural Attractions Visit the former home of iconic Australian artist Arthur Boyd and explore the art gallery and scenic property.
  • Meroogal: Step back in time and explore this historic home and garden.

Attractions FAQs

What are the top attractions in Nowra?

The top attractions in Nowra include the Nowra Wildlife Park, Shoalhaven Zoo, and Jervis Bay Marine Park.

What outdoor activities are available in the region?

The region offers a variety of outdoor activities including hiking, surfing, and fishing.

Are there any family-friendly attractions in the area?

Yes, there are several family-friendly attractions such as mini-golf, bowling, and cinema.

Are there any cultural attractions in the region?

Yes, the region offers a range of cultural attractions including museums, art galleries, and historic sites.